frequently asked questions

Moment is an app that enables you to make choices about your time based on how you value of your activities. We provide you with meaningful insights that give you a new perspective on how you spend your time. 

Currently Moment is only available on iOS, with a desire to bring it to other platforms in the future. 

Your Time Value Portrait paints a picture of value hours earned by category. The size of the photo is tied to the value you've earned for that category on that day. Your star rating is based on overall value earned or lost.

While in the dashboard, go to the top of the screen and pull the screen down with your finger. To return to the dashboard, slide the Time Value Portrait screen up with your finger.

Yes! You have the ability to name your goals, set what days you'd like to meet them, and add custom images. To change an existing goal, tap the goal and choose "edit goal".

To delete a goal, click "Goals" from the dashboard menu. Select the goal you'd like to delete, and from the menu tap "Archive Goal".

Currently you cannot view or retrieve your archived goals, but we plan on adding that functionality in the future. Archived goals will still show past logged values on your Journal view.

To view statistics on your logged goals over time, click "Statistics" from the dashboard menu. There are multiple analytic charts that compare different variables about your goals such as time logged, how you valued your time and your value hours gained or lost. You can click any of the charts you see to see an additional work value line chart that compares your value vs. time. 

We've spent years studying the best ways to track and analyze goals in order to understand true time value. This research has led us to develop a system for calculating hours based on the goal time, and prioritization between categories. We can't share the whole secret formula, but value hours are largely based on how you valued your time during that activity compared to whether you came close to your goal time. As you track value hours, they should be a reflection of how you feel about time spent in that category.

Check the dates you've selected for your statistics screen. You should see your time value affected right away. But remember that as you value time in other goals, it may affect the value assigned to earlier entries. For example, you may have exceeded your work goal which would only result in a few lost value hours unless you also fell short on workout or sleep.

To log out or create a new account you must uninstall the app, and reinstall.

No. Currently each device where you've installed Moment retains its own data. 

We're sorry to here you are having issues, please feel free to send us a message using the form below or send an email by clicking here.