Rethinking My Relationship With Time

What is your relationship with time?  For me, the answer turned out to be not so simple.  I was managing time, but wasn’t valuing it!  Daily choices, as to where I invested my time, lacked context.  Balancing priorities to a higher purpose – a meaningful life – became challenging.  In hindsight, time was managing me.  I had control of my decisions, but lacked the insights and means to control the use of my time.        

My idea of valued time was about chasing the dream, building on successes and relationships with each new job, positions of higher responsibility, increasing wealth – the accepted milestones of success.  Decisions, as to daily activities, were aimed at supporting the mission – my career – mindful that any tradeoffs against personal interests would have to be reconciled in the bigger picture of life’s priorities.  While I have built a successful career, I came to understand that I was not time affluent. 

The personal sacrifices that I made to work long hours – sleep less, commute long distances, less time with family – were calculated decisions.  Goals and choices were rationalized to the mission.  For me, the clock was about leverage, maximizing available time in return for getting ahead.  It was about being productive.  As it turns out, those decisions were singularly quantitative, devoid of the qualities associated with choices of time spent.  I was keeping time, but hadn’t regularly assessed those choices in context with personal interests – family, health, hobbies.  We’ve all been there, but are at a loss as to how we got here.  Where did the time go?  What would I do differently if I was more time aware. 

There’s been plenty written on the subject of time management, but why do we continue to struggle with it?  Time is one of those few things that we all share, gifted at birth.  It’s a natural resource, but of limited supply, against infinite choices.  It’s up to each of us to decide how to spend it in whatever way we choose.  As we get older those choices take on added importance and the moments become more special.  Experts advise to focus on setting goals, prioritizing tasks and to follow through, balanced with personal needs.  But, therein is the rub.  The tools and systems don’t measure up to the new challenges and demands. 

Our personal ambitions for this project were deeply rooted in our own relationship issues with time.  We put our collective experiences to work on creating a product that could help individuals build a better relationship with the time they have on this planet.  We rethought time as a new paradigm – shifting the focus from managing, or keeping time, to living time.  We included a qualitative step in the process – Value – following setting goals and logging time.  After a year in development, Moment was born!  A mobile application, for the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, that transforms the way we think about time, inspiring choices that lead to a more meaningful life of purpose.

What do you think?  Is it time to rethink our relationship with time?